Voters across northeast Ohio need to see, read and hear that that Nina Turner opposed President Biden and his agenda. She didn’t even fully support President Biden against Donald Trump. During this critical time of recovery from the virus, Northeast Ohio needs an experienced insider who will be a partner with Biden, not a foe, to get things done for the district. Turner’s record of bad mouthing the President and other Democrats will make her ineffective in Congress and the people will end up paying the price. Voters on the go need to understand this as well.

  • Turner Compared Voting for Biden to Eating Half a Bowl of Shit
    In a 2020 Atlantic article entitled “Don’t Count Trump Out,” Turner described how she viewed the choice of voting for presidential candidate Joe Biden or for President Donald Trump. She claimed, “It’s like saying to somebody, You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still shit.” [The Atlantic, 7/27/20]
  • Turner voted against Biden’s platform at the Democratic National Convention [@NinaTurner, Twitter, 8/13/20]
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There is a better choice in Cuyahoga Democratic Party Chair and Marcia Fudge mentee Shontel Brown, an experienced insider who will work with Joe Biden. In Congress, Shontel will work with Biden to get guns off the streets, vaccines in people’s arms, and economic relief to struggling working families.

Shontel makes headway, not headlines. Shontel worked to expand universal pre-k, improved the 911 dispatch service, created thousands of jobs by bringing the Amazon fulfillment center to NE Ohio, and got funding for the Metro Health Medical Center. During COVID, Shontel got hotspots for kids to keep learning, and assisted local businesses with loans to stay open.

  • Shontel Brown makes history as first female African American to lead the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party [WKYC, 2018]
  • Shontel Brown Hopes To Bring People Together
    “On County Council, she has been a quiet force, most proud of instituting a text 911 system for the county’s 25,000 hearing-impaired residents.” [Cleveland Magazine, 12/17]
  • Cuyahoga County considers declaring racism a public health crisis. [, 6/20]
    “Brady credits Councilwoman Shontel Brown as the one who originally proposed the legislation.”
  • New coalition tackles ‘digital divide’ in Cuyahoga County with $3 million fund. [, 7/20]

updated 4/25/21